Bloody Contract Work

I’m sick of it.  Last Tuesday I started a job which was meant to go on for a minimum of a week, on Friday I informed the JobCentre that I was closing my claim for Jobseekers Allowance.  Then two hours later I was told that the company I was working for would not require my services any longer as the position I was temporary filling in for would be filled sooner than expected as a whole team of brokers were starting the following Monday.

It wasn’t anything I’d done in the slightest, which makes it even more annoying.  No matter how hard I would have worked, there was no job for me to go back to on the Monday.  I don’t resent anyone for it, I just feel as if maybe my luck is just really fucking bad, really fucking bad.

Onwards and upwards I suppose…

I’m Cursed

No matter what office I work in, and almost always without fail, the fire alarms seem to go off when I’m on the toilet. Nothing scares the shit out of me quite like that.

Recruitment Agencies

Is there any need for them?  I understand the need for headhunters, but not for recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies seem to just be an unnecessary node in the employment process.  They’re expensive for businesses to use and with the economy the way it is, most businesses must be in excess of all the CVs they need to recruit someone themselves, surely?

I had a phone call from a recruitment agency earlier this week – one who tried to argue with me about speaking badly about a former employer – surely that isn’t their job?  Said recruiter decided to tell me “I’ll speak to my client about possibly arranging an interview and get back to you” half way through asking for details about my past employment history.  A blatant get-out ploy – one that I saw straight through since she never even got back to me.

I don’t think all recruitment agencies are bad, you might have thought I would.  Point is, this job-searching is hard enough without some stupid recruiter telling me off for my past working experience.

On a more positive note – a recruitment agency has offered me some temporary work at a reputable company but has yet to confirm everything with me.  If only he’d reply to the messages I’ve sent him.  Ah, recruitment agencies – where would we be without them?


Just A Thought…

This is probably deeper than I ever intended to go with a blog post…

What if all of the intellectuals of this world seek to be intellects because they are subconsciously attempting to achieve some form of immortality and those who aren’t – are they giving up because they don’t believe it’s possible? Are they possibly the ‘intelligent’ ones?

Why would we spend a whole 70-80 years trying to achieve such high standing if all of our memories are likely to be willed to dust?

Just a bloody thought…

Earth Oddity

Alright, the title is possibly the worst yet – Although I’m sure I can top it at a later date.

Moving on from the title – space interests me – I think you’d be lying if it wasn’t of some interest to you.  But what interests me even more is the possibility of life that didn’t start on this planet.  I’m not really talking about humans born on the International Space Station although there’s an interesting video about that.  And it was something like a week ago but that Space Oddity cover by Chris Hadfield is awesome.

Getting back right on point here, there are many humans (myself included) who take great interest in the behaviour of humans.  It all seems so easy but it gets better – if you think of humanity from a completely outsider point-of-view you really manage to get right into the real properties of humanity.  Although they account for something like 5% of the world population there have been studies on the American way of life.  Nacerima almost seems like a completely alien culture from ours, it shows how little we know about ourselves though.  Yes, Americans only account for 5% of the world’s population but in an ever Americanising society (notice I spelt that with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’) it would be stupid to discount the majority of the western world from this.  Some of you may be familiar with the term- I was introduced to it 5 years ago in a Sociology lesson.

If (and it’s very unlikely), we are ever to come into contact with an alien specie it will most likely not follow Hollywood narrative.  I doubt (and hope I’m right) that humans would open contact with hostility and that’s probably what’s to be expected of any space alien race.  However, what are the chances of life out there having the same intelligence or mobility that we humans have?  It’s even possible that they would have increased mobility and intelligence over us.  Somehow I don’t think it’d be quite as interesting as a Star Trek film.

All too often I see myself and others criticising each other and ourselves, we as humans have not realised that instead of moaning about the negatives we should act upon them.  Maybe that’s something the next evolution of humanity should focus on.

I’d like to close this blog post with a short note – Star Trek Into Darkness was awesome, you should see it.  Live long and prosper.